Our Company

Trust is earned.  Trust is a must.  Trust is built when communities work together. Trust is a key factor in success.

 The killings of unarmed Black men and women, at the hands of police officers, have sparked protests and riots across the nation and a cry for justice for these victims and reform of the criminal justice system.  To enact change, we need communities to work together to strengthen and build positive relationships between their community and their police department.

In 2014 Michael Brown, an unarmed Black youth was killed by the Ferguson, MO police. His horrific death sparked chaos and riots.  As President of our local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), I approached my police chief and asked, “what is it that we have in place or need to put in place to ensure we don’t have a Ferguson in Fairfax County.”  I could not allow something like this to happen “under my watch.”  The conversation was expanded to include the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Sheriff and Chief of the Fire Department, the county’s top executives.  The discussions centered around on concerns and issues of police brutality.  It ended with the establishment the Communities of Trust Committee of which I chair. 

 Unfortunately, these killings have continued and the distrust of police officers, by Black community members, has increased or non-existent.  I have engaged our communities and police officers resulting in positive and sustainable relationships.  Engagements that have included our children, youth, adults and seniors.  I have built a model that works and can be used across the country, to help build trust and move police departments to higher levels of community policing.

The killing of Black men and women by police officers cannot continue.  Police brutality can’t continue.  Riots can’t continue.  Ginwright Consulting, LLC was established to help move counties, cities and towns move forward, helping become the United States of America that we say we are and that we know we can be.  Where all citizens are treated equally regardless of their race, ethnic group, sexuality, religion or economic status.

Ginwright Consulting help organizations build or reconstruct sound processes for community engagement.  This includes meeting with stakeholders, which include community members, to identify issues, resolutions and plans for execution.  We provide training and workshops on diversity and racial bias and inequities.  Attendees will leave with an understanding of why diversity and inclusion is important and how some decisions can be based upon racial bias.

Our clients will be provided a strategic plan showing them how to improve their community relationships, step by step. They will have a better understanding of what creates community distrust and specific programs, with an implementation plan, to help them eradicate it. We will help establish a group of community members and law enforcement personnel to assist in the review or development of policies, procedures and programs.  We provide oversight of all programs until implemented. We will help our clients get everyone around the table talking and working together, creating a better and safer community.