• Building Communities of Trust
    The past years have seen an increase in distrust between communities and law enforcement.  In some instances, communities don’t feel law enforcement supports or protects them.  Members of some Black […]
  • Don’t Underestimate Our Children
    In the sixties, the Civil Rights Movement included many young people.  Children who were in high school.  I am seeing this type of participation from the youth today.  In fact, […]
  • Schools vs. Guns
    Schools vs Guns My what a debate going on.  I am a teacher, not a cop, sheriff deputy or state patrol. After 18 school shootings, the response to solving this […]
  • Enough is Enough
    Enough is Enough!! Prayers and Condolences are not enough. How long will we watch as our children are slaughtered while trying to get an education? How many times will parents […]