Don’t Underestimate Our Children

In the sixties, the Civil Rights Movement included many young people.  Children who were in high school.  I am seeing this type of participation from the youth today.  In fact, they are not just participating, they are taking the lead.  The ones we thought couldn’t vote and wouldn’t vote.  Well, many of them probably didn’t because they didn’t see the need.  Now they do.  After the last school shooting at Parkland High School in Florida, we have seen the students take charge and challenge the National Rifle Association (NRA), something most politicians are afraid to do.

Students are now engaged in registering fellow classmates to vote. November is going to be a turning point for the country.  Many Senatorial and Congressional positions are up for re-election.  Now is the time to put someone in those positions who represent the people, who know they work for the people.  I am positive that these new “voters” will be the one to move us there.  They will not only, just register but will also go to the polls and vote.

March 24 will be the day they march on on Washington.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate but I will definitely be there in spirit.


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