Schools vs. Guns

Schools vs Guns

My what a debate going on.  I am a teacher, not a cop, sheriff deputy or state patrol.

After 18 school shootings, the response to solving this problem, by our President, is to arm teachers.  Well, as a teacher and Army Vet, I totally disagree.  During my time in the military, we went to the driving range, just in case we got called to war, to learn how to shoot.  I earned an expert badge, which made me a darn good shooter.  That was many years ago and much better eyesight.  Also, pretty fearless, because, at that time, women were not allowed to go into combat, so I had nothing to fear.  We had the desk jobs.

Active shooter with an AK-15 (semi-automatic weapon).  Me, teacher, with a pistol, shooting one round at a time.  I don’t consider that to be equal.  Not only am I not equally equipped, I am scared.  Yes, scared.  I am also wondering if I have all of the kids safely hidden somewhere, and is the door to the classroom locked.  But what if some child can’t make it to their classroom and burst into my class.  I am armed, I am scared (yep scared) and I shoot.  Of course, I am shooting to kill because there is an active shooter and I don’t know where or who they are.  Now I have killed an innocent child seeking safety.  My hands are covered in blood and a family is grieving.

How do we address law suits resulting from armed teachers killing children?  What happens when the teacher misplaces the gun or decides to keep it somewhere they think is secure.  We know kids, they are inquisitive.  Yes, they look through teacher’s things when they aren’t around.  Now they have the gun…Bang!!

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